3 Must Attend Business Conferences in the Seattle Area

Seattle is quickly becoming the next New York.

It’s got hundreds of brilliant startups, as well as thousands of successful established businesses. This makes it an excellent venue for some of the world’s most sought after and experienced business professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with those who are looking to improve their own businesses or are looking for resources to expand and diversify their current holdings. Because Seattle has become a hub of business and technology, it now hosts some of the biggest must-attend business conferences in the country.

Have you heard of silicon forest? Well, now you have. Seattle is the Silicon Valley of the North, and if you’re in the area, look out for these top conferences.

Kudos to Jefferson with Seattle Limo Service for the recommendations.

Here are three of the best:

1. Mozcon – Mozcon is one of the country’s biggest and most varied marketing conferences. Subjects covered every year range from direct mail marketing to the newest and strangest in online marketing. This is one of the very best marketing conferences and moguls from all fields of marketing regularly make appearances. There are exhibitions and discussions and panels of all kinds, making this a great experience for anyone who is just starting off in marketing or who wants to expand their marketing horizons.

2. GeekWire – GeekWire is the reigning champion in independent technology conferences. It is widely attended by a range of business professionals, from engineers, to marketers, to entrepreneurs of multi-level internet companies like Infinite Leverage System and Wealthy Affiliate. For those who are looking to get a leg-up in the technology business, this is a great place to make connections, learn about the companies that are the most major players, and find resources for improving or expanding your own tech-related company. With panels and interviews, as well as a range of major technology websites regularly making appearances, it is the place to be for the best knowledge in the business.

3. ConveyUX – Though this conference is only in its third year, it is, by far, one of the best conferences for those who are involved in the business of user experience. It is specially designed for those who are in the user experience field to connect with businesses who need improved user experience interfaces. This could range anywhere from app development, to electronic medical records, to new types of video games.

Business of all sizes are welcome to come and participate in networking and discussion events that are sure to provide insight into how to build a better business through technology.

Internet Learning Acceleration Systems

Like many business owners, I find marketing to be an incredibly difficult thing. At the same token, however, having an extensive knowledge about it is pivotal for succeeding in the business world.
So, when I first started my own business, I immediately concluded that I was in desperate need of outside help in order to a) attract new customers and b) figure out exactly what my current customers wanted. I heard about iPAS 2 success system from a good friend of mine, and I decided that it was worth it to give this company a try.

internet learning systemsThe thing that I loved most about iPAS 2 system is that it has a simple layout that allows you to create a straightforward and to-the-point marketing plan. You don’t need to have a Masters in marketing in order to successfully use this product, and you by no means need to have extensive marketing experience, either. It is designed for people just like you and me, and I attribute a majority of my current success to it.

iPAS 2 consists of four major modules: one to teach you how to target your ideal audience, one to teach you how to create a simple marketing plan, one to teach you how to create a simple product plan, and one to teach you how to earn more money and increase your number of customers. It covers all of the topics that you need to know, and it does so in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner that even people with the most limited marketing knowledge can grasp.

In addition to these different modules, iPAS 2 business center also comes with 6 different marketing campaigns that have already been completed for you. They range from online product launches, book releases, social media, and everything else that you could imagine in between. Never before have I seen a product that does this, and I was very pleased with the results. Plus, you also get 6 free complimentary calls with Pam and Jeanne, who are the founders of internet prospect acceleration system. These consultations are great for getting answers to all of your questions and solving any problems that you may be having with your current marketing plan. What is really cool is that this system is designed to build other income opportunities, even for programs like FGXpress.

I can honestly say that Internet Prospect Acceleration System 2.0 was more than worth the money. For the first time ever, I actually had a consistent plan for my company that we stuck with and executed perfectly. Every detail was planned out, and I had more than enough help in regards to all of my campaigns and anything that I was confused about. My company’s sales shot straight up, and we grossed more money than ever before. And, our profits have been steadily increasing ever since we started using it. It was one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.

IPAS 2’s customer service is also amazing, which was something I greatly appreciated. They are easy to get a hold of, and they will also do everything in their power in order to solve any problems that you have. I never had an issue getting anything squared away.

The One True Path for Starting a Blog

The internet is no longer in its infancy- which means people like you who want to start a blog need not suffer through needless experimentation in order to achieve what you desire. Many have gone before you, meaning you can learn from them and get started on your new blog today…within the hour, actually.

Learn From Others

There’s really one true path to starting a blog (here is a great resource for that), and that’s to use WordPress on a self-hosted domain. There’s simply no need for confusion on this matter because WordPress has pretty much cornered the market on the free, easy-to-use, widely supported and constantly updated blogging platform. Since it’s so widely used, more software developers create plugins, themes and widgets for WordPress than any other platform, and the widespread use also ensures that bugs, security issues and usability concerns are readily addressed.

The result? A totally free blog platform (software by which manage your blog) that’s wonderfully rich in features and incredibly easy to use. That’s why WordPress is the One True Path.

The Essential Part

Another thing you can learn from those who’ve gone before you is how not to fail. Generally the blogs which fail are those started for the wrong reasons. Blogging is writing, and writing is passion. If you have no ideas and no experience then what do you have to offer? The essential part about blogging is that you have something to offer. If all you have are the wrong reasons for blogging then you might be missing the point. Here are some common misguided reasons for starting a blog:

  1. You want to make money. If that’s all the reason you have, then you’re not starting with much.“Successful blogs start with a kernel of an idea that blossoms into something over time…an ongoing, growing, blossoming thing that develops organically from a passionate mind. Readers can certainly tell immediately when a blogger has passion or is in it just to make money.” – Mike, Dubli Network
  2. You Simply Want Traffic for Your Real Website. Again, if you don’t really have anything to say…

The Hardest Part

Buying your domain name (website name), getting hosting, and installing WordPress are the most challenging steps to a new blog. Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you here.

  1. Choose a domain registrar. This can be the now-famous GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com), or a cheaper one like NameCheap (www.namecheap.com). Both work the same way: type in the website domain name you’d like and see if it’s available. Keep trying until you find one you like and buy it. Cost will be from $4 to $15 annually. Sometimes “.com”s are more expensive.
  2. Choose hosting. Some domain registrars like GoDaddy will offer you website hosting as part of your total package. You might find a better deal, however, with an independent hosting company. Either way, you shouldn’t be paying more than around $50 or $60 annually. When you bought your domain name, you would have also received information about your “nameservers”…you’ll need that in order to connect your hosting to your domain. Set up your hosting account and tell them about your domain name and usually within an hour your website is live.
  3. Install WordPress. When you set up your hosting account you would have chosen a login and password for the administration panel for managing the back-end stuff of your domain. This includes things like setting up email accounts and looking at stats. It also includes setting up popular software packages such as WordPress. Choose the one-click install, which guides you through setting up the blog platform.

Once you’ve dealt with the four steps above, you’re essentially ready to start blogging. The rest is monkeying around with styles and extra features, none of which has to be done right away. At this point, if you’ve successfully worked through the three steps to starting a blog, outlined above, you should get started and write your first post. Good luck!